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LasikDisaster.com publishes letters from people who write in. Many of these are patients who have something they want the public to know, but aren't tech saavy, or otherwise can't afford to hire a web designer to create an attractive site for them. Some are patients who are currently involved in litigation and want to say something without their identity becoming publically known. Some are patients who are so visually damaged they feel they have to warn the public because their own conscience compels them to do so. Others are doctors who can't speak out because of fear of professional retaliation. If you have something you would like published, please write to us.

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Letter from an MD: "I'm not religious by any means, but if there is a Hell, there is a special place in it for Refractive surgeons."

I have severe dry eye and had to have both my lower puncta cauterized three months ago. I've also developed erratic visual acuity and loss of contrast sensitivity; glasses and contacts can't help since refraction for me is a moving target. I also now have terrible accommodative dysfunction which no one seems to be able to explain. I guess this generates a lot of the eye pain that I experience.
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Patient Letter, Name Withheld by Request

If you would have difficulty handling lifelong, permanent, irreparable and debilitating damage to your vision and/or eye pain, then do NOT under any circumstances have any elective surgery (refractive or otherwise) on your eyes.
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Name Withheld by Request

"doing well"...Those words sum up the victimization of patients. No matter how bad the situation, the doctor writes it off, dismisses it.
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Custom LASIK Devastates 21-Year Old

"They told me it would go away in a few days, then a week, then a month...that it was 'contrast sensitivity' and that it was perfectly normal...
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Complications are EVERYWHERE!

Here is a list of the people I have encountered with LASIK complications since my surgery a number of months ago:

1. A young man (mid 20'S) sitting in my surgeon's waiting room with me also had large pupils and has severe night vision starbursts and halos...
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