Glenn Hagele

CRSQA (Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance) is a referral service for LASIK surgeons, operated by CYBERBULLY, high school graduate Glenn Hagele out of his home.  Despite its pretentious name, CRSQA is just a cynical marketing ploy and patient harassment organization that "certifies" refractive surgeons willing to fork over $7,000 in the first year and $5,000/year thereafter.  In exchange, Glenn Hagele provides these surgeons with a  bogus seal of approval on his web site to promote their practices.  Don't be fooled by Glenn Hagele's advertising claims - CRSQA's quality "standards" are actually below industry standards.

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Glenn Hagele and Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance d/b/a ("CRSQA/USAEyes") are currently being sued for defamation and unfair and deceptive trade practices.
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Surgeons known to have supported Glenn Hagele's patient harassment organization: Kerry Assil, Jay Bansal, Daniel Beers, Scott Behler, Robert Brems, Stephen Brint, Randy Burks, Andrew Caster, Benjamin Chang, Daniel Durrie, Ella Faktorovich, Raymond Gailitis, Robert Gladsden, Daniel Goldberg, Jack Holladay, Thierry Hufnagel, Joseph King, Kent Kirk, Robert Lin, James Loden, Robert Maloney, James McDonald, Michael Mockovak, Sanford Moretsky, Thomas Planchard, Philip Roholt, Cary Silverman, Swati Singh, Gregory Stainer, Steven Stetson, Mark Volpicelli, David Wallace, Robert Weisenthal, Marc Werner, Norman Zaffater. Source:

As of August, 2008, the board of trustees of this patient harassment organization, CRSQA, are: Glenn Hagele, Kenneth Hagele, Keith Cross, David Blackman, Houston LASIK surgeon Jack Holladay MD (Chairman), and Sacramento optometrist Robert Buffington OD, of Buffington Eyecare.

Glenn Hagele claims to have recently founded Cataract Free America. Will he now begin harassing elderly cataract surgery patients who experience a bad outcome?